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For example, my midheaven falls in the 9th house. Pluto will be hitting it in a couple of years, but doesn't enter my 10th house for about 15 years Obviously fans of other house systems will point to this being a flaw of the equal house system. Can the midheaven only fall in the 9th or 10th?

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Can it get further away? Is there any guidance on how to interpret this situation? Is a midheaven in the 9th taken to mean something subtly different to the usual midheaven? Hi, I think the Midheaven is just the Midheaven and nothing can change that. The Midheaven is just another personal point.

The Midheaven can't be in the 9th or 10th house, it can only be in a sign. Yet the planets can be in houses. These are personal points it doesn't matter if you are looking at differing house systems. The planets are in the houses, the points don't change. The planets are energy that we focus on.

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The points are us already. Originally Posted by Inside Out Orange. Last edited by Claire19; at AM. Originally Posted by kaminari. I agree with kaminari, dhundhun, and dr. The MC and it's ruler should be delineated separately from the 10th house and it's ruler, especially since they are not always "together" The same thing happens with whole sign houses. One solution is to use a quadrant house system to "weigh" the planets in terms of angularity, and then forget about it in delineation, instead focusing on whole sign houses The MC is still important, but this way it won't bother you as much, if that makes sense It allows you to focus on the MC as a chart factor to delineate rather than focusing on it as a cusp So, does anyone use MC house location when delineating charts?

I wonder if the MC point indicates the career motivation of the individual what they want to be recognized for , while the 10th indicates their actual status within the establishment. The difference seems to describe my career situation well. Or to put it another way, personal career values may differ from what other people expect. I use to floating MC point, much in the way you have indicated above Originally Posted by!

Alice McDermott. Theories aside, just observe what happens in your own chart and those of your family and friends. Observation will tell you that a transiting planet conjunct the MC will describe dealings with authority figures, parents and career matters and when that planet continues its transit through the 10th house as defined by the MC being the cusp of the 10th house and makes contact with other planets in the chart, 10th house matters are to the fore.

I looked into the MC in other houses using the equal houses from the Ascendant system many, many years ago and found little credence in it. For example, I have the MC in the 9th equal house from the Ascendant and I am not a lawyer, involved in higher education other than astrology , or matters to do with travel, in fact I don't enjoy travel at all. Find all posts by Alice McDermott.

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Originally Posted by Alice McDermott. Last edited by! Originally Posted by dr.

The Computation of Houses

Originally Posted by Skywomb. I don't think I'll ever work with something indicated by my Venus Libra in the 10th it's more like I come across as fashionable etc "in the public eye", however the MC at Scorpio with Mars Sun Pluto in 11th I'm not sure how I missed this article on astro. It mentions that people with MC out of the 10th will not want to follow in the footsteps of the their parents or tradition.

This implies that career aspirations will not be in-line with what is expected.

Midheaven in Scorpio

I wanted to see if other people take this seriously. Sounds like you got the right idea. So as far as using Equal house systems you suggest the MC simply to be placed at the start of the 10th if you'd use that house system at all that is? I was discussing traditional equal house plus the MC as a separate point that can be anywhere. This is where you will judge your success. Your case is interesting so you should come back and update this thread some day if you can verify or invalidate this. Your career path may experience highs and lows due to insecurity and an innate restlessness from suppressing your emotional side.

This may change, though, once your find your passion, which may not be in a field that involves a high pay. Whichever field you end up in, you will always have a creative advantage. If your Midheaven is in Leo, you need to be a leader, to be seen, and to shine in your authenticity. Courageous in your choices, you go after your goals with unwavering faith in yourself.

Find Your Career via Astrology (How to Find your Life purpose)

Watch out for overconfidence, arrogance, or impatience. Leo Midheavens make great motivational speakers, actors, singers, organization leaders, film directors, spokespersons, businessmen, or politicians — really, any career that puts them in the spotlight or in the public eye in some way and appeals to their financial desires. It is your birthright.

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If you have a Midheaven in Virgo, careers that offer stability and practicality are a priority. You need to develop inner calm, to direct your energy constructively, and to develop self-confidence. Your analytical mind and eye for detail should be used towards improving and bringing order to existing situations, for the benefit of both yourself and the world. You prefer to work from behind the scenes and can be drawn to science, research, medicine, psychology, or the literary arts. If your Midheaven is in Libra, you need harmony and balance in your career. You are meant to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and you are willing to fight for it.

In childhood, self-improvement and assertion may have been the focus on your life. Now, however, you are looking towards focusing on others, providing justice and harmony to people, places, and situations. You have a knack for attracting great opportunities and for connecting with your charming and diplomatic persona. Libra Midheavens make great psychologists, therapists, lawyers, judges, diplomats, interior designers, architects, and musicians. Fight for your passion and your art!

If you have your Midheaven in Scorpio, you need a career that fulfills your need for curiosity and financial security. You are meant to shine a light in the darker areas of human existence that often go unrecognized. Scorpio Midheavens make great criminal psychologists, detectives, actors, healers, accountants, bankers, stockbrokers, and therapists. You have an ability to see the truth underneath the lies and the stories people so often tell themselves, and you believe that exposing these truths is difficult but necessary for the good of all.

Your ability to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time is a blessing but your passion for your career dies out once you feel that you have mastered it.


Transformation in career is common for Scorpios. Trust your instincts, follow your gut.

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If your Midheaven is in Sagittarius, you need a career that allows you to travel to new places, explore foreign lands, and experience other ways of life to feed your philosophical curiosity. You are meant to be on the move, to be an eternal student and teacher, and to share your wisdom and humor.

Sagittarius Midheavens make great pilots, flight attendants, touring musicians, photographers, travel consultants, or can be drawn to religious or spiritual vocations. An explorer who thrives off knowing people from all walks of life, you enjoy socializing, researching, investigating, and connecting the dots when it comes to ideas, people, and theories. To you, we are all interconnected. Find work wherein you can have independence when it comes to your schedule and that allows you to take your work wherever you go.

If you have your Midheaven in Capricorn, you need a career that allows you to be the boss and leave your mark on the world.

Ambitious, at times to a fault, you take your career seriously and are able to shut everything out and focus. You are meant to make a name for yourself and to make as much money as possible! Capricorn Midheavens make natural CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers. With your diligence and drive, you are self-made and will inhabit a position that commands respect, in any path you pursue. You can be stern and intimidating when first put in power.

You must learn that toning down the bossiness and displaying more compassion can lead to more productivity and respect. If you have your Midheaven in Aquarius, you need a career that allows you freedom and that brings out your originality. No doubt you dream of making the world a better place and are meant to do just that. You get high on bringing something new to the table, and you prefer a specialized job or one that only you can do. The reason for that? By being the only one qualified to do your job, no one can boss you around and tell you what to do.

You love to learn, and you get a lot of opportunities through friends and social groups. Aquarius Midheavens are drawn scientific or mathematical fields and towards the New Age. Astronomy, astrology, engineering, environmental science, film, television, humanitarian work are possible careers. Your breakthroughs in work can bring higher knowledge as you steer clear of traditional thought patterns to find new ways of doing things and make new discoveries. Avoid being stubborn and believing your way is always the right way.

A little compromise never hurt. Money isn't as important to you as passion and being able to make a difference. Pisces Midheavens are drawn to careers in music, theater, film, literature, and the healing arts. Embrace your emotions. Explore your boundaries but be careful not to overstep them.

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