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Forecaster Your Forecaster details the movements of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars - known as the personal inner planets - that signify variations in your level of vitality and your feelings, what you value most as well the way you think and assert yourself. Events therefore occur in differing ways according to the natal planet positions outlined in your birth chart.

Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Virgo Virgos are good at organizing stuff. Ruled by Mercury, they are neat, tidy and thoughtful people who always remember how their individual friends take their coffee. They actually have organized workshops with a place for everything and everything in its place. They are good at things like gardening and healing, because they care about details and make sure that measurements are correct to the merest gram. In marriage they can be genuinely affectionate, making good spouses and parents, but their love making is a perfection of technique rather than the expression of desire, and they must be careful not to mate with a partner whose sex drive requires a passion they cannot match.

They are intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. They combine mental ingenuity with the ability to produce a clear analysis of the most complicated problems. They have an excellent eye for detail but they may be so meticulous that they neglect larger issues. Also, although they are realists, they may slow down projects by being too exact. They are practical with their hands, good technicians and have genuine inventive talents, Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are their hallmarks, and they are such perfectionists that, if things go wrong, they are easily discouraged.

Because of their ability to see every angle of a many-sided question, they are unhappy with abstract theorizing. Appreciating the many different points of view as they do, they find philosophical concepts difficult, and they vacillate and have no confidence in any conclusions at which they arrive. With these qualities, they are better as subordinates than leaders.

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Responsibility irks them and they often lack the breadth of strategic vision that a leader needs Virgoans are essentially tacticians, admirable in the attainment of limited objectives. Their self distrust is something they project on to other people and tends to make them exacting employers, though in the demands they make on those under them they temper this attitude with justice. They have potential abilities in the arts, sciences and languages. Language especially they use correctly, clearly, consciously and formally, as grammarians and etymologists rather than for literary interests, yet they are likely to have a good memory for apt quotations.

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Although they are well suited for careers in machine drawing, surveying and similar occupations, they are better fitted for a job in a library or office than a workshop. Their minds are such that they need the stimulus of practical problems to be solved rather than the mere routine or working to set specifications that need no thought.

Virgo January 14-January 20 2019: This is intense!

They are careful with money and their interest in statistics makes them excellent bookkeepers and accountants. They also make good editors, physicists and analytical chemists.


They may also find success as welfare workers, ministering to those less fortunate than themselves. They can be doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, confidential secretaries, technologists, inspectors, musicians, critics, public speakers and writers especially of reference works such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. Both sexes have a deep interest in history, a feature recognized by astrological authorities for at least two hundred years.

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If they go in for a business career their shrewdness and analytical ingenuity could tempt them into dishonesty, though they usually have enough moral sense to resist temptation. Female Virgoans may find a career in fashion, for they have a flair for dress, in which they can be trend setters. In any profession they choose the natives of this sign readily assimilate new ideas, but always with caution, conserving what they consider worth keeping from the past. They love country life but are unlikely to make good farmers, unless they can contrive to carry out their work without outraging their sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

Their faults, as is usual with all zodiacal types, are the extremes of their virtues.

Fastidious reticence and modesty become old-maidishness and persnicketiness; balanced criticism becomes carping and nagging; and concern for detail becomes overspecialization. Even if you aren't a Virgo, you'll feel the vibes from this sign throughout all aspects of your life during this season: especially your love life, which Virgo season is even going to affect a lot. Even if it felt overwhelming at times, Leo season probably left us all feeling a little bit more confident and powerful.

That's a good thing, because Virgos don't need anyone else by their side in order to feel in control and good about themselves. You'll feel that energy, but you'll also probably feel an energy that gives you the urge to get some sort of closure.

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We may feel the need to wrap up projects, get our routines in order, or perhaps pay more attention to our health and wellbeing. So what does that mean for your love life, whether you're in a serious relationship, just started seeing someone, or you're single? Have patience and proceed with caution while giving your heart to another. Find out below:. Aries, you're known for being a bold, outgoing sign who isn't afraid to go after what you want. This Virgo season will be no different. Stardust explains, "You want to fall into the rapture of romance now. This Virgo season is a great chance for you to really embrace your creative side, in more ways than one.

For you, Gemini, this Virgo season is all about working on yourself, and that extends to your dating life. Cancer, Virgo season is going to help you communicate more and really open up. Embrace it!

virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
virgo january 20 astrology Virgo january 20 astrology
Virgo january 20 astrology

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