Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology

October 12222

Combined with the powerful intensity of the T-square this weekend has the potential to be very interesting indeed and we may find ourselves experiencing some quite intense and confusing feelings that seem to erupt from nowhere. Two Grand Trines join together to form this Grand Sextile and the first has been with us already for most of the summer.

Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to look at our shadows and face our fears, accepting those parts of ourselves that are not so pretty so that we can open ourselves up to true intimacy with another.

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Saturn asks for complete emotional honesty, first with ourselves and then with others. Neptune in Pisces is opening us up to true compassion and healing, reminding us that we are not separate beings but in fact all come from the same melting pot. What happens to one happens to all. He is also reminding us that we have the power to create our own reality depending on what we choose to believe. Thoughts are energy too and have the power to manifest in our lives and reality, so it is important to be conscious of how we think and what we ask for!

The third part of the Water Trine is a blend of Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, bringing a healthy dose of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm to the picture as well as the courage to face whatever Saturn throws at us. Jupiter in Cancer places a high emphasis on family values, nurturance, domesticity and our emotional life. This Grand Trine brings the potential to face our shadows, healing ourselves and others with compassion and forgiveness and daring to dream of a better reality where people are more open, tender and caring towards each other.

It holds the promise of a profound shift towards feminine values and a transformation of the structure of our society through love and beauty. Pluto has a detoxifying effect on any sign he travels though and in the case of Capricorn he is transforming our patriarchal societal structure, exposing all that is rotten so that something better can be born in its place.

This is a slow process as Pluto will be in Capricorn until He is asking us to be true to ourselves and our purpose in life, stepping into our power and living a life of integrity. Venus in Virgo reminds us that we are all in it together and shows her affection and love through acts of kindness, service and humility. Last but not least, the missing piece in the whole puzzle, Moon in Taurus, Mother Earth herself! She is the embodiment of all things natural and feminine; the divine feminine we seek to connect with.

She represents sensuality, femininity, security, fertility and beauty in nature. Put these planets together and what do you get? Transformation of patriarchal structure, changing the way woman is perceived and treated and embracing the feminine in our culture. On a personal level this Trine brings the potential of connecting to each other in a very deep and soulful way and delving into the depth of our emotions. This combination promises great passion and the possibility of being transformed by love. Our relationships with others will be far from superficial, that's for sure!

Not with the planet of the soul aspecting the two feminine planets! This combination of planets definitely shows the potential for some much needed energetic rebalancing with a shift towards the feminine principles.

Full Moon in Cancer December 22 2018

Our society is so geared towards outer success that our family and emotional life has taken the back seat as people work harder and harder and take more and more on. We are living in a rat race, spinning our wheels and something simply has to change. I am sure that we would all like to see a shift from competition to cooperation, from war and abuse of power to harmony and mutual empowerment, from greed and lust to loving connection and sharing all we have.

How wonderful it would be to live in a world where intuition is valued as much as reason and intellect and where all are treated equally regardless of sex, colour or creed. It really is about time that we shifted towards a healthy balance of the masculine and feminine.

We have lived in a patriarchal society for long enough and it is quite obviously flawed! It is time to honour and embrace our emotions as the amazing guides they are rather than being ashamed, denying or suppressing them and to trust our intuition rather than favouring rational logic. A healthy balance between logic and intuition would definitely make this world a better place. This Grand Sextile invites us to step through a portal, giving us a glimpse of another way of being where tenderness, harmony, gentleness, nurturance, love and beauty provide a healthy balance to ambition, power, aggression, lust and greed.

This perfect state of humility in your mind doesn't just help you spiritually - but allows your life to be guided in REAL terms - as you're OPEN, adaptable, and flexible to all possibilities whereas an arrogant and stubborn idiot refuses to see life any other way other than their own way. The most important karmic facet of life is relationships with other people - because without other people and without positive interaction with others - one might as well be dead!

Sun in Scorpio will be the "back-up plan". Have you ever planned for something - then "just-in-case" you had the brilliant idea to have a back-up plan as a just-in-case. Well the plans you thought were concrete - will have revealed themselves to be sand-castles - hence the back-up will have to happen. Great philosophers have long debated - what's more intriguing "in life" - the infinite solar system and beyond - trillions of miles away OR a living person - the intricacies, complexities and power of your mind and soul. Instead "they" focus their attention on something futile, meaningless, temporary and in essence "dead".

Mars in Libra will be in the 12th house to Sun in Scorpio - this means that "finally" inexplicable karmic situations are happening and will continue to unfold - in order to clear-out the garbage and dead-leaves amongst humanity. All out-dated and "old" ways of thinking must now be discarded - like the leaves falling from a tree.

New moon total solar eclipse in Capricorn

Then you'll see the Divine destined back-up plan unfold for humanity during Sun in Scorpio - with special emphasis on the brilliant karmic Full Moon in Taurus on 12th November - proving that although "mankind" thinks it's "in control" - the reality is DESTINY is in control and has a plan for each and everyone on Earth. Sun in Scorpio.

Altough Saturn in Capricorn defines destiny in it's natural home - Saturn - defines that the pathway of destiny isn't straight forward - it will get you to the right destination - even if means you have to take the most unusual, seemingly haphazard pathway.

2019 Cosmic Synchronicity: Very Rare Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Connections

The good news is nothing will get in your way - and if you sense a blockage in front of you - you'll be able to circumvent all negativity, problems and blockages. You might not realize it "yet" - but soon you will - that Sun in Scorpio is going to make your life worth living - as it brings you and gives you your DESTINY in the most unusual and yet in the easiest way possible - with minimum of stress, confusion and pain.

Scorpio energies begin on Thursday 3rd October Beginning of Life-Changing - Mysterious things happening. Planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus. Autumn ["Fall"] of Magnetism and Excitement! Rarely is Scorpio defined as "exciting" - but the 4 planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus - means that everyone on Earth will be energized by the planet of unexpected shocks and surprises to ensure - that everyone finally has the life-changing change - which will create long-term stability for the next 7 years - defined by - Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury - creates thoughts - positive thinking - which creates action, determination and a lot of energy for communication to the RIGHT people - it will ensure you catch-up with yourself and get re-connected to everyone you're destined to be connected to.

Planetary Overview

A Huge Amount of Astrological Energy. Sudden unexpected surprises and changes. Sun entered Libra on 23rd Septemeber - and is ensuring you feel and see - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Saturn in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn - and - the Aries Full Moon on 13th October will be destiny defining what you must do, what life wants you to want - and - it will be making things change quickly, surprisingly and suddenly. It's going to be very liberating - the purpose of which is to orchestrate change - by breaking apart and destroying things that are WRONG - setting yourself free and doing something that truly makes you feel ALIVE.

The source of all the POSITIVE energy will concentrate a bright light of stability on all the goodness in your life - so that you eliminate anything or anyone that creates instability in your life. Astrologically all the planets are collectively creating an intensity for all on Earth - that all I can say is "you'll see your life will be changing" - and now is the destined time for change. This Month's Astrological Events Explained.

grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology
Grand sextile december 22 2019 astrology

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