Venus in leo compatibility

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But do you know that we also use our signs to determine our compatibility with our partners? Every planet is associated with our signs—the sun represents our basic personality, Mars is our drive and energy or vitality and sexuality, etc. But Venus is the most beautiful of all because it represents love and attraction.

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  • 1. Calculate Natal Charts for You and Your Partner.

Our Venus sign can help us to foresee whether the relationship we are in will be full of happiness. Do you want to know what a man wants for a woman based on his Venus sign? Aries are born on dates March April He prefers to be in pursuit rather than him being pursued. The Mars sign in an Aries is strong because he has a high level of energy and competitiveness.

For a woman to match her compatibility with an Aries, she must be courageous, loves challenges, and most of all independent. His Venus sign prefers women who are authoritative and dominant when it comes to love and sex. Get him excited by letting him feel the competition during bedtime activities.

If you are the type of woman who's whiny and a nagger, An Aries' Venus sign won't have patience with you, and you'll just quickly irritate and drain him. Taurus is born on dates April May He loves a partner who is very caring and very wife-material—the typical housewife who cooks for the family, who cares for the children, and very loving.

Gemini is born on dates May June 20 The meaning of the Venus sign in a Gemini man is fun and happiness! He can find compatibility with a partner who he can have meaningful conversations with in a short period. However, Gemini may be a little bit elusive as they are not really in touch with their feelings.

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  6. Leo is born on dates July August He wants to be with his lover every time and is very expressive with his feelings. His compatibility will only work with a woman who has the same view of what a relationship should be, and that is possessiveness! The Mars sign in a Leo is rather stronger than the Venus sign, so his compatibility with women works when you are just as aggressive as he is.

    He loves loud and flashy women. He likes seeing his partner proud and over confident. Cancer is born on dates June July His Venus sign looks for security and safety in a relationship rather than physical satisfaction. The compatibility in a relationship works when his partner is genuine and sincere. Venus in Sagittarius : You love on the road. A journey is how you show your heart and what attracts you. Venus in Capricorn: You love through commitment. Signing a lease together, or at least dedicating a night a week to your partner is how you love. Venus in Aquarius : You love unconventionally.

    What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Romantic Desires & Attraction

    Venus in Pisces: You love through full immersion. Again, determine how your Venus signs relate to one another. Do they trine? Meaning, do they harmonize each other and bring out the best?

    Taurus Venus

    Do they Sextile? Meaning, to do they help you grow and understand yourself on a deeper level? Do they Oppose? Meaning, do they bring you a different perspective and can you live with that? Or do they Square? Meaning do they clash, but might be exciting nonetheless? Ok, so you have your Sun, your Moon and your Venus. Say your Moon signs oppose, your Sun signs trine and your Venus sextile.

    We have two very beneficial aspects trine and sextile and one challenge.

    Venus in Leo Horoscope (All about Leo Venus zodiac sign)

    It just shows you where your work is, and where you may have some issues. In this example, the challenge would be the Moon Sign, or reigning needs. Say your Sun signs square, your Moons sextile and your Venus signs oppose. More than likely, relationship issues will revolve around your core personality, meaning what you need in life to hold you together. This core personality is where the greatest friction with exist. Are you viewing the same energy from a different perspective?

    How can you see the same thing from similar points of view? There are many combinations not explained here. Natal charts are complicated beasts, and this article is meant to be a simple guide for you to dip your toes into astrological compatibility. Do not take any of these things too seriously. The most important thing is that both signs are living their highest vibration. Learn more about compatibility based on your personal Moon sign in the Libra Special Edition Workbook. Cover Art via Becca Reitz. Gemini Moon: Your heart needs communication.

    Cancer Moon: Your heart needs to feel. Scorpio Moon: Your heart needs intimacy. Sagittarius Moon: Your heart needs truth. Capricorn Moon: Your heart needs security. Aquarius Moon: Your heart needs freedom. Pisces Moon: Your heart needs expansion. Share on.

    Venus in Leo Man

    Does Astrology Determine your Fate? Contact Us. Uranus in the Houses. Neptune in the Houses. People with their Venus in Leo are attracted to people with big personalities, who are outgoing and entertaining. Anything dramatic or flamboyant will grab and keep their attention. Not only are they drawn to these things, they also want to engage them. Don't be shy if you are trying to attract a Venus in Leo person. Seek them out, tell them you find them attractive and why, but don't be phony. This will turn them off completely. They are excellent judges of authenticity, so if you want to win them over with compliments, make sure you are sincere.

    venus in leo compatibility Venus in leo compatibility
    venus in leo compatibility Venus in leo compatibility
    venus in leo compatibility Venus in leo compatibility
    venus in leo compatibility Venus in leo compatibility
    venus in leo compatibility Venus in leo compatibility

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