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I think this is the year it happens since Ft Mack burned last year. Part of a timeline I saw. Hello from Egypt. I wonder what you have for our country. Is it true General Alsisi will be murdered?! Will MBs and radical Islamist continue their terror attacks on civilians? Is this going to an end in the near future? And one more thing, what are the chances of Gamal Mubarak to be a future president of Egypt? I am not making predictions to order. I just have to give what comes to me in meditation. If something is shown to me about Egypt I will of course share it. You were partly right about the US economy improving in Well, he, trump won….

Some predictions state he will have to resign due to health issues? The world is a mess, and us humans are wrecking it. I look at the world, see how exotic and beautiful it is. I agree with Craig. Marine is drawing massive crowds everywhere she speaks and is encouraging real French patriotism, something Hollande has not done.

You are the emblem of what a true psychic can predict. Would closely follow you while adhering to your advice to trying to grow within rather than worrying about external world events. With the recent court ruling with brexit, how do you see things unfolding now? I think Brexit is over. As I have said on another comment, I tend to make my predictions in blocks when I can sit and deeply meditate for a day. So rather than react and change opinions I am trying to simply give what I get with a long lead in about things that are not currently in the news.

For me these predictions are simply an experiment. The Naadi leaves apparently have given a very positive outcome for his premiership. I tend not to make predictions as I go. It is better to sit down, meditate and just see what comes. In this way there is less chance of my mind and ideas getting mixed in with what crosses my inner mental screen. I did say something about troubles ahead in Nepal so maybe India and Pakistan will get in conflict over this.

So Craig, who is going to win the US election?. I just find your prediction to be a bit confusing with the names. Sir, I believe Hillari Clinton will win. But, as you have predicted in your blog, she will resign amid criticism over some leaked emails, which may come from FBI or Assange. Her horoscope I do not have her exact birth time details points to her ill health in forthcoming years. Congratulations on your correct prediction that the Republicans would win.

Clinton would just have been more of the same and the Americans were fed up. I think some of my insights into the election have been a bit muddled. I may have been seeing the corruption allegations around Clinton at the time I made the prediction — at that time there were no news comments about this. I have predicted Trump will be president but from the look of the way things are moving in the polls I may be wrong.

I agree with Craigs. One way is elections-win. Something bad is going to happen starting mid-Nov regarding Trump, throughout May be civil unrest throughout ….. A huge possibility of War between India-Pakistan, and Muslims being destroyed in all over the world…. May be? I assume the riots my be if clinton wins as election fraud is so obvious. Trump supporters will not stand for it? Trump supporters are hugely mistaken. Trump is the evil King his horoscope points of this character.

He is a deceiving personality and colors his hair, which is deceiving Red-necks globally they think he is one of them. Red people are different than White people. All their corruption is coming to light through WikiLeaks, disgruntled FBI agents, and alternative media investigative journalism. Moreover, the astronomical increase in the cost of health premiums under ObamaCare is turning tons of people away from Clinton. The only way she could win is by rigging big time the elections, but Trump supporters have organized an army of people to address the rigging. I have a hard time believing that she could only win by rigging the election.

I think you are blinded by partisanship or your own personal political preferences. I think the Republicans are in a much stronger position to rig the elections because most governors and many state legislatures are GOP-controlled. To me, Trump looks desperate. Sir, you have again hit it right about the email scandal. The talk about Scottish independence is clearly proving to be a long term matter, despite it already being something that seems to have been going on forever!.

Scots of which I am one on either side of the argument seem to be developing an unhealthy aggression towards each other, the longer it drags on. Do you see it being settled one way or another? A civil war over the election results? I can certainly see it. The endless efforts by certain governors and state legislators to manipulate voting laws and procedures for partisan advantage are part of the problem. The nation is more polarized than ever before into factions who have very dissimilar beliefs regarding what the actual facts are.

Frank Hoogerbeets Earthquake Prediction

The echo chambers of talk radio and cable television have much to do with why Americans are so severely divided. Your predictions are better than many others, but the Empire state bldg is not connected to anything civic and is hit by lightening x a year. Respected Mr. Shri Krishna then gave him certain directions and revealed certain truths that are contained in TV.

Thus the year old text composed by the revered Vedavyas, especially for enlightening the Parama-hamsas [most spiritually evolved souls] expected to appear in world later in Kaliyuga, truly turned out to be the forerunner of manifestation of TV via Shri Devachandraji and his chosen disciple Mahamati Prananath. It was through the latter that TV containing divine verses in several languages of 17th century India manifested during the period AD. It is truly perplexing that an instance of such a great importance as what happened with Shri Devachandraji remained hidden unnoticed from Indian society of even the central and northern parts of India for over three centuries.

These contain highest spiritual truths that in my opinion were not revealed by God via scriptures of all ancient faiths — but collate well with them. The TV reveals change-over period from present Kali- to coming Sat-yuga as 17thth centuries and that this would be brought about via spiritually evolved personages [in past eras] who would appear one by one in all parts of the world. They would somehow connect with augmenting spiritual truths of TV and get enlightened. Their testimonies will be heard with respect. In brief they will become instruments of God to bring about end of Kali-yuga much, much ahead of its tenure of , years — meaning only before the end of years from the time Shri Krishna departed for his divine abode!

I fortunately connected with Mr Craig Hamilton-Parker and truly think he is doing a great job providing a platform to all seekers to discuss such issues. K C Vyas. Thanks for this — I missed it in the news. They have more coverage of European events, and a more balanced view in my opinion of Middle Eastern events. You get another side to the story, not just the stuff churned out by the U. I am closely following your predictions.

Syria is left like a wasteland. They are trapped like pawns in strength show game of the superpowers. He had made seven predictions and five of them have come true. However, do you have any predictions of a prosperous Africa or specific African countries? Dear Craig, you have mentioned about escalation of conflict between India and China in your predictions. Personally, in one of my dreams I saw map of northern India is red. This is interesting to know but also I know that sometimes there was wild speculation and hearsay about predictions He made that Sai Baba later denied or contradicted.

It would be interesting to know what predictions he made that have been properly documented. I did some digging on those predictions. And i discovered that you were right, later sai baba denied those predictions. However, many people predicted indo-china or indo-pak war. Like anton johanson,viswaranjan brahmachari etc. Ireland is talking about leaving the EU due to its interference with their tax laws. Do you see that happening soon? This may be Sabre rattling to get concessions over their tax-free bribes to Google and others. I feel others will go before them.

I read in one of the naadi oracle predictions that Scandinavia would turn into an ice desert by Can you say anything about it. I think its the Bhrigu Samhita that has predicted this Similar to the Naadis I was able to consult it about my own life and like the Naadis it had my name written in — it was written there centuries ago. I was very accurate about my life and confirmed the Naadis.

I have not personally been given this prediction via an oracle or holy man or through my own intuition so I cannot comment. Good updates. But not just islam but christianity too will be forsaken. All the sins committed by both religions will be the cause of their destruction. I believe that this will happen and Christianity will survive into the distant future but it will be very far removed from the blind bigotry, self-righteousness, propaganda and fear mongering that we see today. As a matter of fact as I see it Islam, the pure and authentic Abrahamic Divine Creed will strive and will be embraced by a vast majority of people of good will and those who really believe in submission to the Divine Will of our Creator and the unique and all- merciful God!

Mark my words: The salvation of humanity lies in abiding by, Islamic Monotheism and it will happen between I agree that at heart Islam is a very pure way to God but the dreadful distortions by fanatics twisting the Creed will drive people away in the years ahead. In my opinion, everything that is, is God made manifest and all the great religions of the world can take us to this knowledge if we look the the heart of their teachings. Your thoughts are profound and most of them very well corresponds with the warnings of the Muslim saints and seers. All of us as members of the same human family, have a duty to pray for peace, unity and happiness for the entire suffering humanity.

All acts violence against innocent people across the globe ought to be condemned. I fear we may be about to lose Joan Collins. I had a dream about her sitting behind a desk in a warmly lit attic room with a black candle burning in front of her. The roof of the attic was sealed and closed so she will not pass by stroke. Thanks for spotting this — I missed it on the news and would probably have written it off as a wrong prediction. I scare myself sometimes getting so many right. It looks like your prediction of a Thai terror attack on tourists has come true sadly.

Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu who is the Preserver of the deities predicted that from November onward through the year there would be many cataclysms which would wipe out millions. These comprise earthquakes of over 7 on the Richter scale occurring all over the world. In China from to since Saturn represents 8 Years it would see common man protests, Change of Government, bad karma and economic troubles.

China would fight a war with India to divert public opinion from their economic troubles. America will be wrecked by hyperinflation and food riots. The fall of a superpower with 20 trillion dollars in debt by which is more than the G.

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P of the country. Britain would face economic crisis as well as its debt has reached alarming proportions. Overall Europe and America would spend less on defense affecting them in the future decades when the security of these countries is threatened. Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy still has a big following in India I believe. The prophecy of the war between China and India has been predicted by other swamis too but they may have been drawing from the same source.

I deleted the link to your website Google punished websites that link out but have since taken a look and it is interesting so include it again here in case other visitors find it useful. All these predictions should not be considered as something to be afraid of, but rather a guide. Thanks Craig for sharing these! Your talent is amazing. Chickens always come home to roost. This is an absolute.

It is not Russian tanks that destroy US, it is the Red menace from within. They want you to be dumb. You are. God Bess you, no one else can or will. Dear Craig… You got about Brexit right. You also said that Chinese economy will be in trouble. When will that occur, this year or coming years? Can you write another article about your future predictions of China and Russia for example? There is a specific page on the site for Predictions About China. Within two years. Hi Gani. I have recently read a book explaining how this has occurred.

The Chinese with money are taking it out of China and investing it abroad e. Hinckley Point nuclear facility in UK. Believe the wave of positive change is happening with Britain democratically taking the lead. After the playing fields have been leveled and calm has been restored things will improve. Positive, positive, positive. A few weeks ago, I dreamed Trump was elected as president of the USA, he lost weight, his face was pale, white not orange like now. Bang on.. Britain voted to leave the EU; PM resigned.

You have predicted a short recession, please would you let us know how short it would be? What will happen to London? I would love to know who is going to win the football Europa cup Would be nice for a change if an outsider wins. I love little Iceland. Well done you got the UK leaving the EU situation right, which many people doubted. Looks like our contacts might get stronger with India, Australia and Canada.

Interesting indeed. Though this makes me wonder what else among the list is in store for us for the rest of the year? You predicted a Brexit, but all indications are that the UK will choose to stay in Europe vote is tomorrow , will you change your mind between now and tomorrow? Are you still sure about a Brexit this week? So, do you still believe a Brexit will occur in two days time on the 23rd June ?

I so hope you are right about us leaving and the EU breaking up, because in the long run, it will be the better deal. I think Craig is right. It is possible that God Sathya Sai Baba have different plan; He foretold that He will help avoid WW3 as that will be too lethal for this planet and will unite humanity through other means, such as mental-change thru Spiritual teachings, but there will be natural disasters, and majestic re-appearance of Him.

I am messaging as recent movements in politics and predictions of ww3 are flooding the Internet. I am wondering, do you really feel that a ww3 will be avoided, or Is this a more of a no comment situation. I feel from your predictions you are not concerned about this. We can change the world with our positive thoughts. The nature of war has changed.

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Nuclear War? Labour had there worst election result since But now being part of the EU for an independent Scotland is probably off the cards the Scots may move back to Labour — particularly if there is a change of leadership soon. Hi Craig, its always nice to come across someone who has a real talent for these things; my only concern is that it just seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket… What are your thoughts on the development of a the human race over the coming centuries, do your abilities extend this far?

Take Care. I have written about this extensively in my book called Messages from the Universe. In short, we are at the cusp of a better age called Yugas — in fact we are a few hundred years into it according to some enlightened Indian teachers. The transition will be difficult but as it progresses the spirit will become stronger than the powers of materialism. Initially we will discover new forms of energy. These will be material at first — for example the Vedas says there are 8 forms of electricity to be discovered — but also new spiritual powers will unfold such as ESP in the general population but also powers over matter.

For now we have some bumps but all will be well. These comments seem nothing more than fear mongering. I feel sick reading them. Lets lift the vibration with some positive comments here instead of contributing to the fear in the world. Wow Brussels was just attacked and I see that it was mentioned above but only off by a year or so.

Amazed to see this prediction come to pass, and I know how hard it is to get the timing just right. They did a bomb but I wonder if gas was intended? About the dam burst in India, do you see which one or the name of the river? There are a few dams in Himalayas. Sorry I only saw a dam burst. I seem to remember the image was very high up so may be in the far north. You wrote country leaves the European union.

Yes we will leave the EU but only narrowly leave vote do extremely well and David Cameron position is in the balance tensions running high but undecided voters will be the key and they will vote out in large numbers. I see shock result that will have them reeling. Uk will leave Eu via referendum however MPs will not authorise the implementation of brexit and uk will stay in Eu.

The prediction is right about leave vote winning and also the prediction about staying in Eu is correct.

Exclusive: २०७६ सालको डरलाग्दो भबिष्यवाणी, के-के हुदैछ ? Astrologer Som Prasad Nepal

I heard a story by someone famous now deceased who said when the world is on the verge of WW he will appear again. He will be born in Karnataka, India the d. Hope that answers your questions. Before Prema Sai. Prema Sai is said to come around and appear in public later, around the age of 14 or even later. Born not in the sense of coming out of a womb but of spiritual birth. It will take years for this person to reach their potential and for all to recognize this person as the fifth Buddha.

This does not mean the world will end physically but that a new way of life, the Age of Aquarius, is just beginning. The last Pope, Pope Francis, will not be literally the last Pope but the last Pope before the end of time starts. Just as President Obama was predicted to be the last president before the end of the world.

It does not mean there will not be other presidents. The seven years of tribulations starts somewhere by First cleansing or warning. The Second Great Tribulation will occur, according to what I received, probably around For those will be the ones that survive and bring…. All my life I have been able to predict and channel information. Often being an empath, it is difficult to feel the pain of others. I continue to receive that September, will be something big that will occur.

I also feel that in , there is a monumental change that will happen. We should look past these things and view people with compassion without judgement. I saw before it happened. I feel and sense every single event before it occurs. From major disasters from the earth to manmade disasters …. I cannot predict to order. I add my predictions when they come to me in meditation, dreams or through the Naadi Oracle.

How about a few cheerful ones? A load of hype same as moon landing as no flesh can pass thru the Van Allen radiation belts and survive. More hype the earth turns at KPH but if you travel by plane East to West and return takes the same time for the same distance. As ex Labour of 40 years, hell will freeze over before many of us will return. For , you said that there will be a large wave of refugees from Georgia and Ukraine.

There is nothing going on in Georgia right now but will Russia try and Invade them again like in ? It looks like the prediction is already happening. Russia has intervened as I predicted last year and in the section about the Middle East predictions. Turkey will come to the aid of the Kurds even though many Turks hate the Kurds. The only solution I see is for Syria to be partitioned. What do you think will happen to Pakistan in ?

Will it split into different smaller countries? Hi, I have been following this extraordinary page for a while now. Thank You very much for giving us all an insight in Your predictions, Craig! Probably the one of very few pages that gives much more precise information, I would love to see it being used more by all! I believe it would be a very good time to start discussing near future in Europe and middle East as the situation is boiling over. Can anybody please share their predictions on refugee crisis, how will it develop and leave impact across the Europe?

What will be the impact on America and China? I think we should start sharing more here and with people around us so to spread the awareness as what we see unraveling before our eyes will not end well. Please, if anyone can see clearer in to this, share your visions! Thank You! Religious cleansing will occur Russia and China will force conclusion of war. Russia will build its empire. Trump will become President.

Astrology and astronomy were originally considered one field of science or study. So even though astrology predates recorded history. I predicted the big earthquake in Japan Fukushima about 6 weeks before it happened. When Japan got it I knew that was my prediction and the feeling I had went away. Last night I dream a big tsunami everything was under water people die in the dream I went inside a hotel I took some my family and kids went on top the building hotel with them the wave water was high in the dream I was in Miami Florida.

I had a dream about me coming from work Before I even had any knowledge of working at my current workplace. As I was driving home on the road I am taking now , I saw fireballs falling from the sky and had only one burning desire — to get home. My dream was so disturbing that I woke myself in order to stop it. This is a recurring dream. The more I think about those dreams, the more I feel the urgency of buying a gun in preparation for riots, war, chaos, etc.

I had a vivid dream, I was walking with my mother in-law along the footpath at Newcastle Beach when we seen a giant tidal wave, all the water was sucked back from the beach, two nuns said how will we get through this, I said we will swim through, this wave destroyed the city of Newcastle Australia. I had a dream three months ago of a tsunami and of an asteroid hitting earth. Blessing to all. Prince Charles will die before the Queen. Meaning William will be king sooner than he wishes to be. Charles will die in the next five to eight years. But I can see the Queen reaching to her mothers age when she dies.

In her early s. I have said for years that Charles would die before the Queen. He will go quickly and unexpectedly. God bless. These are very interesting predictions. Thanks for sharing! I have one more prediction. That dwarf planet, Ceres, does have life on it, I think the satellites that were launched recently to explore it will come back with some very interesting information….. I am a psychic and I have a prediction to add! Tilikum, the orca whale from Sea World Florida, will kill her 3rd victim this Summer!

Mega Earthquake Prediction 12222

I have to tell you I have been telling people since I was a little girl that the world is going to end as we know. I know something is going to happen that many will die. That there will only be a hand full of us left and we will have start over. I am not sure what is suppose to happen but I feel it getting closer. A few weeks ago I had a dream but who knows if it is true. I predicted that a war will come to America. I had a dream a few months back, I was running up to a home trying to survive gun fire. As soon as I got in the home I went to the balcony and yelled out blame obama.

As I yelled I saw jets, and helicopters above me shooting at a large city. Right after that I was shot by helicopters and woke up. I have also had predictions of flooding and major volcanoes from California to Washington about every night. Last night dreamed of sink holes opening up with massive sink holes and rocks falling, buildings falling, in my dream this happened outside my house, then read this morning about the small earth quake in Angelsey. My wife Jane also had a similar dream. A couple of years ago I dreamed I was sitting on my sofa with my Grandson looking out the window, we began to move at a rapid pace as if we were in a vehicle.

All at once I realized that I was not in a vehicle and the house was moving at least 40 mph. Hi, I have had a very serious dream for the last few years. I feel like major cities are not safe, martial law will take over. We will be prisoners in our own homes. I trust my dream so much that my family and I are making plans to move to a rural community. I wander if others feel this way, it scares me. On the 12 December I had a vision of Josefina Vasquez Mota being assasinated shortly after her inaugaration. My vision showed men dressed in black. This will be live.

I have never had such vivid visions before and its my first world event vision. I have had a dream that Russia and China joined together to take over America and make all of us live in a one world order. Not long before the election here in UK. How well do you think UKIP will do?

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Will the UK be overrun by immigration in the foreseeable future? My personal feeling is that UKIP will do very badly in the election and will probably disband next year if the Tories win and an European referendum is called. I think there will be a last minute swing to the Conservatives in the upcoming election. Can you feel the thickness of dread in the air? The impending of something very large going to happened?

There will be tough times ahead particularly those caused by pollution and toxic air but we will make it through. In the golden age I foresee hope so much hope. The love that people will experience is so deep that very few in this life have never experienced this before. I predict that people will experience freedom where they are no longer afraid they will have control over their fears rather than the other way round I promise you it will be amazing. Yes, but the cleansing must happen first.

A handful of people will live through the thousand years of peace and then evil will be released again into the world. And once again everyone must work how to achieving this state of consciousness. Wanted some answer what could this mean. This is a dream about your own emotions, anger and feelings of helplessness. It is unlikely to be a prediction about world events.

Will the large corporations who overuse natural resources worldwide be brought to justice or control? I predict that in the future — from about — we will see toxic clouds that may at times decimate large populations. Even then it will be hard to stop Big Business ruining the world. I am writing about this in my new book — watch out for it on this site. I predict this year the world will see North Korea become increasingly hostile.

I see them leading some sort of military engagement against south Korea and america in which involves their navy leaving Korean waters. Now 6 months after, I still anticipate things are going to happen this September. Anyone else feeling things for September ? His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary that people in a mind boggled manner shall witness its spark getting converted into a blazing inferno which in turn shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe. April 6, Georg Stockhorst.

April 4, Georg Stockhorst. March 29, Georg Stockhorst. March 25, Georg Stockhorst. March 20, Georg Stockhorst. March 19, Georg Stockhorst. March 13, Georg Stockhorst. March 3, Georg Stockhorst. February 24, Georg Stockhorst. February 20, Georg Stockhorst. January 14, Georg Stockhorst. January 8, Georg Stockhorst. December 17, Georg Stockhorst. Ion A Dowman writes " I recall a few years ago, Mr Ring predicting an earthquake in Canterbury at the time of a full moon this at a time we were experiencing aftershocks from a large local quake. Blow me down if one didn't happen in Spain, and very close to the predicted time, at that!

We might also consider that on 4 September within the same hour as our Christchurch shake, a volcano occurred in Russia at a previously dormant location, spewing rocks 6kms into the air. The moon was also at the same longitude as, and appeared to be overhead of Japan at the exact moment of the tsunami earthquake. There is boundless evidence if anyone wishes to investigate it that can show that seismic events are not confined to local movements of plates, but are linked in a far reaching way to the geomagnetic field of the whole planet, and particularly dependent on where the moon happens to be..

Research into this is gathering momentum, but sadly not in NZ, despite the fact that in the world we are the second-most seismically active country after Japan. When a number of superior planets whose orbits lie outside the orbit of Earth are in conjunction or in same declination or same latitude, there is higher probability too of shakes. Eclipses falling at quadrants to Jupiter, Saturn or Mars are also high on the list of earthquake breeders. According to modern science, everything in nature is electrical. From the tiniest atom to the vastness of the cosmos, all bodies including Sun, planets, Earth, and Moon are charged bodies with a field about them, subject to mathematical and electrical laws.

Hindu writings say the asterism of the day belonging to prithvi earth or vayu air can contribute toward quakes. There remains suspicion amongst western scientists about the significance of planetary action prior to earthquakes. It is the most doubted by those who appear not to have undertaken fair and complete enquiry. Any scepticism cannot really be valid until rigorous investigative study begins. Instead, our seismologists engage with old scars from previous earthquakes on a hillside, hoping to witness and record repeat shakes in the same locations.

Yet Christchurch in demonstrated that that approach was a fallacy.

Mundane astrology: -AUTHOR”S NOTE

What is called astrology, along with most other sciences cannot be proven. That should not matter as the supposed science of climate change is also still unproven, but that does not stop over a million dollars per day in NZ being spent on global warming research and related issues. Loss of life and damage to property during great quakes can happen in a few minutes. We may be better prepared if we can forecast them in advance. The upside is that the science has already been done. The downside is that it is still lodged in ancient texts. Perhaps it only requires for modern scientists to keep their minds open to what has been written before in forgotten places.

Another aspect of longrange warnings is to settle the mind. Between and the moon has been closest to earth in the southern hemisphere, part of the approx-9 year cycle of hemisphere change that sees the moon come closer to earth over a range of 22deg N and S. It is up to a science historian to establish or deny that for a significant number of severe events an eclipse within a short time-frame of months will be found. I can list some six examples below:. This may explain why eclipses were so feared in ancient cultures, because they were known to herald earthquakes with a few months to prepare.

The science behind why eclipses would be considered perilous will be left for other articles, but at eclipse the moon, sun and earth are in a direct line without parallax, which maximises the gravitational forces and internal geomagnetic stress. Suffice to say that the most recent eclipse visible from NZ will be the total lunar eclipse on 4 April, The 7-intensity shake that arrived exactly on 20 March was demoted by Geonet to a 5.

Oddly, it was quickly removed from the internet. We can investigate some cycles and form our own conclusions. These have been separated by intervals of and years, which is the regularity of the solar cycle. It may be argued that is 13 years on from It is at this point we consider eclipses, because of the links of earthquakes following their visible occurrence. The eclipse of April will be followed by another as visible from NZ on 23 March and then 17 September Impending larger activity will be signalled by smaller shakes every time the moon transits past at perigee.

Whilst not wishing to alarm, at the same time it may be prudent to take note of clustering at or near perigee dates this year. In nature there are dress rehearsals of larger events. This did happen with smaller events around perigee dates before 4 Sept It was beginning to show that we were approaching a more active seismic period.

nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology
nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology
nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology
nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology
nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology
nepal earthquake prediction by astrology Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology

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