Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility

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Geminis are the most compatible with the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. However, those born on this cusp will resonate with and be drawn to individuals who express Cancer characteristics.

What does the Gemini Cancer Cusp sign really mean? Discover now.

A good example of someone born on this cusp is Australian actress, singer, and film producer, Nicole Kidman , born June 20, This cusp is where the introverted, emotionally sensitive, self-protective, and shy Cancer personality becomes uncharacteristically outgoing, courageous, and driven by the desire to be seen and admired. This cusp is often called the cusp of oscillation. Those born on this cusp face some very special challenges in trying to integrate the shy and reticent nature of Cancer with the gregarious and courageous nature of Leo.

If these individuals can successfully face their fears and bring the best of Cancer and Leo together, they can be:. A woman born on this cusp is a lady who conquers and captivates with her charm, which is always extremely pronounced — she is the ruler of positive energy, and everyone sees her in one way as an attractive person who can be very smooth, especially when presented to someone for the first time unlike male representative of this combination who may be cold. She is the lady that is most capable of showing herself in a positive light.

Cusp of Gemini and Cancer Love Life

You cannot say to this woman that she is fearful, weak and scared — she is everything but this, even if she tries not to scare people with her attitude. You will not find her hiding in a hole, and she is dangerously brave at times especially when it comes to her family. She may be challenging, and intriguing — at one point she is shy and lazy, next mercilessly sarcastic, and then in the next minute she is transformed into something else.

Advice for Gemini-Cancer

At first glance, people who are born on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer signs seem lovely, fine, and dear, under such a sweet armor, a cold and calculating machine is hiding, which, in fact, is very well able to coordinate absolutely all the events that are present around it. So, we get with the options, one that seems dear and deep inside there is something that is much more calculated, and this may be the case in the female representatives of this combination. What are we trying to say here is that this is definitely a good trait, these people can use their intelligent and calculated nature to make big results in business, while their emotional and warmness are reserved for their loved ones.

Gemini Cancer Cusp Woman

Most of them love creative jobs, but also jobs in working with people, where they can apply their creative nature. Verbally, they are extremely strong and represent people who can speak on all the topics of this world. They are very aware of their abilities; they recognize them from their early youth, work on them, improve and really try to do everything in the best possible order.

People who are born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer signs respond instantly in every situation, which makes them very nervous -their senses are alerted and awake, they are in a constant fear that they will miss out on something. It can be compared to a tense source that tries to absorb everything that it can talk about its surroundings suddenly. In addition, it makes them anxious, and at times these people are disabled to enjoy different situations and people. Their mood can be unpredictable, ranging from irritation to anger for every little thing; their emotions are constantly in oscillations, which tires the environment they are in.

However, it can be favored because of his sociability until they show the degree of superficiality and inferiority that goes beyond all boundaries.

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These people can be both calculating and cunning and very rational — if they think this is necessary for something. And, as expected they are those who will suffer for it. Even if they are bored and have nothing to explore, emotions do not change, their need for excitement and diversity remains. In the end, the major flaw in the lives of these people is the fact that they are in a constant struggle to keep their emotions in a spontaneous and exciting package. People born during this period this, in fact, the cup between two signs, Gemini and Cancer are talented people who love art, and often they meet their lovers in the same area.

Sometimes they have a big problem in separating the feelings of the facts because they are sensitive and somewhat reserved.

Water or Air? Born June 17th, in Alliance, NE. What is my ideal match? Please help! My birthday is on the same day!

Best of Both Worlds: The Cancer/Leo Cusp

But I always enjoy conversing with people born on the sane day as me, always an interesting conversation. Thank you for this info!!! Am I correct with this finding? Hi Beth. Your Sun Sign is Gemini as the sun did not move into Cancer until a few hours after your birth. To find out the best love match for Gemini, take a look at my article about Gemini in Love. However, to find out if you identify better with Cancer as far as your emotions and romantic ideals are concerned, have a look at my page about Cancer Compatibility. Hi, you can use this free Astrology Birth Chart to find out your Sun Sign, then looks for the links to articles about your Love Compatibility in the menus at the top of the page.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin 38 shares. Born June 23, I feel like I am more of a cancer than a Gemini. My sister was Born June 19, Every website has a different answer for me?

cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility
cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility
cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility
cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility
cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility Cancer cancer cusp and cancer cancer cusp compatibility

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