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Bowie's chart ruler is Uranus and his Ascendant was at 3 degrees Aquarius. And oddly, through most of my early adult years I assumed Bowie was Aquarius because of his androgyny and futuristic music. Mercury was dangerously close to Bowie's Ascendant prior to his death, but hovered in the 12th House of ghosts, invisible forces, and the unformed.

David Bowie (Capricorn)

The 12th House is also the house of dissolution and having a Capricorn Sun which is ruled by Saturn, Lord of Structure, led to Bowie constantly reinventing himself over the course of his music career that began in his teens. So for the first part of this article, Jane explores David Bowie's Natal Chart and in part 2, I'll explore the transits for July when Bowie received his liver cancer diagnosis and then his death chart for January 10, Please note, that we're writing these articles on the fly with little time and energy to thoroughly research every time Uranus transits impacted Bowie's Sun and Mars at 17 and 16 degrees Capricorn in in the 12th House suggests an ending.

While Pluto was only one degree from Natal Mars and 2 degrees away from Natal Sun suggesting a metamorphoses of the physical self, but sometimes physical death, in the case of Bowie whose body was slowly transformed by cancer Pluto and Saturn. But he certainly didn't die a victim.

Birth Chart: David Bowie (Capricorn)

His message is it would seem is even in death we rise to the occasion and we can be heroes. A Pluto transit doesn't need to be exact to have an impact. I also want to add that in my late teens and through my twenties, David Bowie had a huge influence on my music career and also on video production and photography.

I once made a silly music video in college with my friends using Bowie's "Starman" and I can't to this day listen to that song without chuckling. Then Bowie's appearance in A Man Who Fell to Earth influenced a music video and short movie nonsensical that I produced my final year of college--a total bomb, but as my therapist at the time told me, even Bowie had to start somewhere and he failed along the way too, but rose gloriously over past failures.

David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes, dust to Stardust…

Some people think that David Bowie was the greatest rock star ever. Bowie, Star Man, the man who fell to earth…. David Bowie, born David Jones, was recognized as a unique, innovative, multi-talented musician, actor, producer and innovator. His androgynous appearance and his proclaimed bi-sexuality, opened up acceptance for gays and bisexuality.

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Bowie also leaves his widow Somalian born super model Iman and their daughter Alexandria born in David inspired millions of fans since his early Ziggy Stardust days. Space Oddity was his first hit in July A recent International Museum show of his artistry and fashion has toured recently to great acclaim. David Bowie will be sorely missed and his music always remembered. He is a Star Man. David Bowie born January 8, in Brixton U. With his Sun and Mars conjunct in the 12th house of the unconscious he definitely was connected to a very different reality. The 12th house is the home of everything mysterious, deceptive, dreamy, imaginative, spiritual, karmic, craziness and genius and where all artists source their inspiration.

David Bowie: Outsider in the Mainstream | The Astrology Institute

The 12th, is the house of the unconscious, depth psychology,projections and addictions. The 12th house is Neptunian, formless, shape-shifting, deeply emotional and shamanic. The 12th house is also the house of insanity. Out of Bounds planets are rather rare. David was a very hard-working man, and astute business man who protected the copyright of his music and invested wisely and was worth billions. His Sun and Mars, ruled by Saturn give him longevity, staying power and like fine whiskey, ge tbetter with age.

His persona was always innovative, pioneering, pushing the envelope.

agendapop.cl/wp-content/cellphone/cyj-microfono-espia-a.php Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in his 4th house of his roots,the foundation. The planet and North Nodal karmic energies are combined. Bowie was destined to be the Star Man. Uranus trines his Natal Neptune in Libra in the 8th house of sexuality and transformation. This gave him unusual artistry. A finger of God is exactly what it sounds like. Jupiter in Scorpio is extremely sexual, charismatic, powerful, phoenix-like and controlling.

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  8. David always played the tart. His music was always very erotically driven. David had a very fated Uranian mission to bring the starman who fell to earth into our consciousness to change the world.

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    A massive gravity anomaly in intergalactic space whose mass is so large it sucks everything into it. The G. Bowie also had the Asteroid Juno conjunct his South Node. I believe that Juno is the feminine form of genius. His Venus is in Sagittarius right on his M. He wrote a song called Fame too. Venus rules artists. In Sagittarius Bowie loved being a gypsy, a metaphysician, an inspirer, a philosopher and world traveller. Venus in Sagittarius also points to his soul mate Iman, a beautiful exotic woman of different racial background.


    This is a very heavy weight combo. Saturn rules his Capricorn Sun. David played to the dark side often. I am sure he had huge emotional ups and downs.

    David died from liver cancer, diagnosed 18 months ago.

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